LODEpay Is for
All Merchants

LODEpay is universally accessible across a wide range of industries, including those that are often unable to utilize traditional payment processing services.

Businesses that are viewed as controversial or handle high volume monthly sales no longer need to face payment processing obstacles and higher costs.


  • Cannabis
  • CBD
  • Adult Entertainment
  • Sports Betting
  • Gaming
  • Tobacco

A Future-Proof Digital Payment Solution


For businesses to thrive in today’s world of transparency and innovation, adopting the right payment processing technology is critical. LODEpay offers a scalable solution designed to increase efficiency and revenue while meeting the rapidly evolving needs of global commerce.

Cryptocurrency acceptance offers merchants a competitive advantage by providing access to new markets and international growth. LODEpay effectively mitigates volatility by facilitating settlement to digital currency or fiat (USD, CAD, EUR).

High-risk merchants can rely on LODEpay to sustainably serve their unique needs, no matter what level of risk they might bring to the table.

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