Merchant Tools

LODEpay delivers an impressive array of payment processing tools that allow merchants to accept popular forms of payment. It’s now easier than ever for businesses to expand their customer base and improve their bottom line.

Bank Card

The attractive payment processing suite that LODEpay offers provides merchants flexibility and control over their transactions.

Surcharge Control

Merchants can add a surcharge, effectively passing the processing fees onto their customers. This puts merchants in control of their costs and strengthens their bottom line. 

Low and High-Risk Processing

LODEpay effectively serves a broad spectrum of merchants. It is suitable for traditional bank card processing and also inclusive to those industries that are commonly isolated from conventional payment processing services.

Mobile Payment

Merchants can accept bank card payments from anywhere and customize their transactions as needed. Sales, refunds, reporting, tax rates, and tips can all be conveniently processed, viewed, and edited on the go. 

Virtual Terminal

Easily process bank card payments directly through a computer, mobile device, or tablet. Merchants can immediately invoice customers through the virtual terminal and accept deposits, and tips if needed.

Accept all Bank Cards

Merchants can accept all major credit cards and avoid exposure to the higher fees associated with certain cards. Bundle credit card processing into one seamless acceptance system and receive a single combined statement.


LODE’s AGX Coin (digital silver) and AUX Coin (digital gold) are the perfect solution for online and point of sale digital transactions. 


Each AGX Coin represents a one (1) gram weight of vaulted, audited, insured, and verifiable silver bullion. Each AGX Coin is digital silver that restores real value to money. 


Each AUX Coin represents a one (1) milligram weight of vaulted, audited, insured, and verifiable gold bullion. Each AUX Coin is digital gold that restores real value to money.


As an asset-backed form of money, AGX and AUX Coins can efficiently be used for international remittances and cross-border transactions. Merchants can also use AGX and AUX Coins to pay suppliers, vendors, employees, and expenses.

 A Digital Solution Without the Volatility


When merchants utilize AGX and AUX Coins, they mitigate the deficiencies of fiat money, such as devaluation and volatility. Backed by precious metals, AGX and AUX Coins provide a stable, secure, instant, and low-cost payment solution. 

 Wealth Protection


As a private form of digital assets, AGX and AUX Coins safeguard against theft, fraud, credit card disputes, and chargebacks. AGX and AUX Coins effectively meet merchants’ rapidly evolving payment processing needs.

A Robust
Crypto Payments Solution

LODEpay allows merchants to receive the most popular cryptocurrencies for online payments and facilitates direct settlement to USD, CAD and EUR.

Appealing To High-End Merchants

There is a great demand for the luxury goods and services industries to accept crypto payments. These include:

Diamond Dealers

Yacht and Exotic Car Sales

Plastic Surgeons

Private Jets

Real Estate Properties

Timeshare Properties

With the average transaction representing significant value, there are tremendous opportunities to engage and capitalize on customers that desire to pay with cryptocurrency.

Settle With Metal…and More

The only payment solution that allows merchants to mitigate risk by settling crypto or bank card payments to digital silver and gold.

The LODEpay Advantage Sells Itself

Zero Merchant Fees

No FX or Cross-Border Fees

No Chargebacks

Minimize Volatility

Transact Globally

All-In-One Online Payments and Invoicing

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