Future-Proof Your Money and Your Payments


  • Spending digital currency hit all-time highs in 2021.
  • 40% of consumers plan to use crypto payments within the next year.
  • LODEpay is the only all-inclusive payments platform that connects stablecoins, fiat, and precious metals.

Accelerate business growth with LODEpay today.

The LODEpay Advantage

  • Blockchain technology
  • Crypto and bank card rails
  • Simplify crypto acceptance and settlement
  • Same-day bank card approlva and onboarding
  • Settle crypto with stablecoins to avoid volatility
  • Transact worldwide, eliminating FX and cross-border fees
  • Settle crypto-to-fiat with direct bank deposit
  • Online marketplace to reach a vast audience of buyers

More Sales, Less Risk

Online merchants risked $130 billion in losses from payment fraud since 2018. With LODEpay, merchants can minimize fraud and chargebacks, maximize transparency, and manage transactions with blockchain technology.

Stable In-Store and
Online payments

With online sales set to make up 17% of all global consumer sales in 2022, merchants can substantially expand their online market share and revenue by accepting crypto payments.

With LODEpay, businesses can accelerate their growth and reduce the risks and expenses associated with traditional payment processing.

Protect your business with LODEpay