With Metal

Consumers pay for everyday items with AGX and AUX Coins. Merchants can process payments with LODE’s Digital Monetary System.

LODEmarkets is accessible and easy to use. It goes where consumers go, fitting effortlessly into their daily routine. Merchants remain in control of their financial decisions and avoid exorbitant fees and restrictive regulations.

Whether consumers are making a purchase on LODEmarkets, at the neighborhood coffee shop, or around the world, all transactions are private, secure, transparent, verifiable, and immutably notarized upon the blockchain.

For Merchants

Unlike large online marketplaces that charge high listing and sales fees, LODEmarkets is free to join and free to list products and services for sale.

With LODEmarkets, merchants can reach a vast new audience of customers locally and worldwide.

Instantly receive AGX and AUX Coins as digital payment for sales in your LODEpay wallet app with no money transfer or FX fees.

Send and spend AGX or AUX Coins to pay suppliers and businesses, travel and marketing expenses, or withdraw to physical silver and gold, or fiat money.

The amount merchants can earn from new sales to new customers is limitless. Spending digital money is easy, and there are always special offers and promotions available in LODEmarkets.

Interested in Selling on LODEmarkets?