With Metal

Future proof your payment acceptance
with Digital Silver and Gold.

Activate your digital and crypto merchant account today!

Are You Ready
to Unbank Yourself?

Experience LODEpay’s all-inclusive digital merchant processing and be at the forefront of digital payments.

Unlock the World

Unlock digital silver and gold payments with the LODEpay Merchant Terminal, LODEapp Wallet, Invoicing, and eCommerce Marketplace Plugins.

A Better Way
to Receive

Minimize processing fees, volatility, risk, and chargebacks by accepting digital silver, digital gold, and popular cryptocurrencies. With LODEpay, merchants can instantly convert popular cryptocurrencies to 14 fiat currencies, AGX Coins (digital silver), AUX Coins (digital gold), with the option for direct bank deposit.

LODEpay Benefits

Low Fees

Unlike bank card acceptance,
digital payments can minimize
processing costs.

Near-Instant Settlements

Real-time settlement
to a merchant’s digital wallet
and online portal.

Online Marketplace

Online branded store for merchants to
reach a new audience of buyers worldwide.

Transact Globally

Borderless payment acceptance.

Convert to Fiat

Transfer payments from sales to
any bank account.

Never Miss A Beat

24/7 mobile accessibility.

Manage Payment Data With Ease

Access POS purchases, invoicing, payroll
management, and payment processing all
in one merchant portal.

LODEpay Zero™

Zero Processing Fees

Eliminate processing fees with
AGX Coins (digital silver) and
AUX Coins (digital gold) payments.

Zero Chargebacks

Eliminate chargebacks with
digital money on blockchain.

Zero FX

No currency conversion discounts
or foreign currency card fees.

Gold Points

Issue Gold Points redeemable for
AUX digital gold to influence loyalty.

Gold Dust Rewards

Better than Cash Back. Gold Dust can be
saved or used for payments.

Elevate Your
Business with
Silver and Gold


Activate your digital and crypto
merchant account today!